General Info

The game

Bart's Booty tells the story of a young, Caribbean boy who gets a message from his father, who he never met before. His father turns out to be Bartholomew Roberts, the wealthiest pirate of all. The message tells the boy to go and seek the heritage his father left him; the treasures gathered during 'Black Bart's travels.
During gameplay, choices and reactions on game situations will be gathered and analyzed. From these results, the personality of the player will be calculated and visualized in scales of the Hogan Personality Inventory.

The project

During the first half of 2012, a game prototype has been cultivated by two students from different universities and nationalities. A Dutch MA student in Game Design & Development joined forces with a Slovakian MA student in Animation for their graduation project.
Their aim was to test if it is possible to draw specific conclusions from player behaviour in a computer game and visualise them in scales of an existing Personality Inventory. During this research, they have been working together with different psychologists. Thanks to Hogan Assessments (Tulsa, U.S.A.) they were able to compare test results of the game with results from the Hogan Personality Questionnaire.
The prototype will be extended to a full game, 6 times bigger than the prototype, able to test the full scope of human personality. Scores measured by the game are aimed to be accurate enough to be used as a new, alternative way of personality testing, used for example during screenings of potential employees.

This game uses some commercial products. Disclaimer.